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Contributing to the advancement and development of humankind and society
W e believe that corporate social responsibility initiatives are best developed by our local teams in the communities where we do business. Our license to operate is strengthened by both providing reliable employment and by giving back through charitable giving and social responsibility programmes. Many of our CSR activities focus on the community, while others are internal and even help us to achieve our strategic sustainability goals. We take great pride in our local groups and their CSR efforts across the globe.
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We always believe true education is the real passport for the growth and development of a child. The biggest drawback of our community is lack of proper education and awareness regarding this. The growth of the children remains restricted because of no proper support from the parents, poverty, lack of proper food and heath. We believe no children should remain deprived of the modern education.

Although our Government is trying hard to ensure proper education for this community. But primary schools often do not have enough space to accommodate all local children which does not fulfill all the developmental needs of children and thus create huge gap to be fulfilled. Now the requirement is to provide them better level of education with highest of standard including physical & mental growth at the nearest possible place.
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Picard Community School is taking good care of the students with proper education system – running by trained and dedicated teaching staffs. All the students along with the teachers and teaching staffs celebrate annual cultural function and enjoy picnic also. They celebrate important days and festivals as well. The school also organizes various health checkup activities. Because we believe that, being healthy is very important for good education.

At present the school is giving its full effort towards the overall improvement of the educational system of the community. Our ultimate aim is to provide the surrounding community with more educated children. To help create a better educated nation, and to encourage entrepreneurs to set up similar establishments to address socio-economic needs of their communities. We hope to continue doing whatever is required for the development of the community and make lives better for many years to come.
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Rearing a child is very important. If children are not brought up, properly, it is not healthy for the country. That is why it is important that the children of working mothers be brought up adequately. In many cases, it is observed that finding nobody to look after their children many women have to give up their jobs. This is a hindrance to the progress of women. This is a national loss and should be treated as such. At Picard Bangladesh, we feel it the most. With the growing number of working women in the country, child care is an issue of concern. There is little initiative, either in the public or private sector to address it. Apart from our industry, there are thousands of women working in other professions, as well. They, too, are facing similar problems.

Despite doing well, on the basis of their merit, they are being retarded by this problem. That’s why we facilitated day-care center for our employees to address the problem. We believe it has minimized the problem to a large extent. Those who are working here do not have to worry so much about what their children, back at home. Being able to keep their children here, our workers feel secure now. Because of the day- care center, they can work, peacefully. Besides, they can check on the child, whenever necessary. At the end of the day, they can pick their child up and go home. Not only this, but also there are many children here, who receive their first lesson in socialization.
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We have appropriate space, furniture, supplies, toys, and materials to make it a safe and engaging space for children. In contrary to the conventional facilities available at a typical Child Day Care Center, the day care center of ours is more than just a place where children are looked after. It is rather an ideal place for education, learning and community building. Here, Children are divided into certain groups on the basis of their ages which will help ensure proper caring based services as per age requirements. The center is set to be a real hub for the community in areas of providing education and socialization for children.

An experienced team of baby sitters is engaged to look after the children, their meal, education and regular health checkups. All of these are fully funded by the company. We plan to increase our efforts more in future to set an example for the rest of the employers thus making the workplace better for the women of our country.