• Gratuity/Provident Funds
    are provided to employees upon maintaining all the necessary requirements

  • Labor Law Leaves
    allow employees to plan their leaves. Holidays are provided as per regular industry norms

  • Health and Fire Safety
    are insured by the company. Life and Health Insurance is offered to everyone

  • Worker Participation Committee
    is available to preserve the best interest of the employees

  • Employment Policy/Service Rules
    is approved from the Chief Inspector of Labor. An Establishment Organogram has been prepared and is approved by the Chief Inspector of Labor

  • Appointment Letters
    are issued for hiring any labor which contains information such as salary, other financial benefits, applicable rules etc. Wages are well clarified and the mechanism of calculating wages for fraction of month and deduction from wages are cleared to all employees. Two festival bonuses are provided every year

  • Record keeping
    through various registers such as service books, labor registers, and leave registers are always maintained. Any misconduct is well investigated before taking any action